Inlaid combination flooring – a hot trend for seamless transition

In the search for the perfect flooring solutions for a project, you may find yourself juggling needs for a space that seem at odds with each other. We’ve all tracked snow into the house on a blustery day, or found that what’s on our kitchen counters doesn’t always stay up there. Sometimes these spaces that see more messes or wetness would be better suited to tile. But do we really want to give up that room expanding, seamless look when the entire floor is hardwood or LVP?

Inlaid combination flooring is the answer you’re looking for!

A simple metal transition strip might be the regular go-to, but if you really want to wow and integrate your spaces instead of box them in, spend a little extra time and get creative with inlaid combination flooring. We’re seeing more and more of this mixed flooring trend, like this one we recently installed with our friends at Hometown Homes.
This sleek approach is easier than it looks. Start by pairing complementary tones or textures, like one of our most popular hardwood Brushed Oak with this matte black Hexatile. A piece of advice for selection? Consider the heights of each flooring type as they’ll need to match up once installed. Once you’ve got your picks and are ready to install, just mark your hardwood or LVP with your selected tile for cutting (don’t forget to account for grout!). Then install as usual et voila – a creative solution that’s as functional as it is fab.

Ready to get started?

Stop by our showroom or give us a call to chat with a flooring stylist and let us curate a selection for your space. Don’t want to DIY it? No problem! Our installers are the pros who can help you recreate this look. Call 306.986.6237 and book your installation before Christmas!

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