Welcome to the Doll House — on Dufferin: a Nutana home reimagined

Nutana is one of Saskatoon’s most historic – and iconic – neighborhoods. Our friends at Hometown Homes chose this location for one of their newest builds: the Dollhouse. They brought us in to imagine all things flooring and tile. Working with the theme of “heritage” on this project gave us the inspiration we needed to fashion a living space that pays tribute to the past while looking forward to the future.
Fireplace tile in first image: Olympia Brick Style Series
Luxury Vinyl Plank seen here: Divine The Natural

Located at 611 Dufferin Avenue, right across from École Victoria School – the same institution that started as the one-room schoolhouse now on view at the U of S campus – this Dollhouse combines modern open-concept common areas with a 3-storey floorplan commonly found in Nutana.

We considered installing hardwood floors throughout the space to mimic the same character found in neighbouring homes, but decided that luxury vinyl plank would make more sense for the needs of today’s homeowner. With the school right across the street and the reality of busy families, we knew LVP would make a better flooring choice for dealing with all the spills and thrills.

Luxury Vinyl Plank seen here: Divine The Natural

Our design choices were focused around colours that would suit the home’s neutral aesthetic. Once we determined the palette, we were able to base all other selections off of that. You’ll notice that everything from the matching main floor and finished attic, to the tiling throughout (around the fireplace, in the kitchen, bathroom walls and shower floor) are all working together to achieve the desired effect.

We paid attention to the smallest details: colour matching transition strips, stair nosing, and aria vents. These details make all the difference in creating a seamless look. It’s when you don’t pay attention to the details that they really stand out! Our choices complemented those made by Hometown Homes in their design process, where they considered such details as the historical newspaper-turned-wallpaper in the bathroom that pays homage to the Broadway area.

Tile seen here: Olympia Arctic White Glossy

We hope you enjoyed this look at what turned out to be a very rewarding project! Take what you like into your next project as inspiration or talk to a member of our sales team to help curate design choices for your space.

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Photo Credit: King Rose Visuals

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