Versa-tile! Make a statement with mosaic tile.

Monochromatic tiling has its uses. The understated simplicity and functionality of this basic design choice is a huge part of our industry, but – sometimes – it’s fun to play with patterns. That’s why we’re always excited to get people inspired to use mosaic tile in their projects.

New York Subway Image credit: Youngking11

With mosaic tile, you can create possibilities.

We’ve all seen examples of mosaic tile. Look no further than the iconic New York subway system! And people will travel far and wide to see beautiful and intricate mosaic artworks all around the world. You don’t have to start with such lofty goals, but there’s nothing wrong with ambition.

Inspiration for home or business

Going beyond home decor, there are also plenty of tiling options that can make your business standout. Is there a pattern you’re trying to create (or replicate)? Maybe you’re inspired by interlocking shapes. You can spell out any words, or replicate your logo. Mosaic is often thought of as an art that depicts imagery, but abstract design is also a sandbox you can play in.

Consider also the age and style of your home – do you lean into the historical, or go really modern? Subtle or bold?

Once you have some ideas in mind, start sourcing inspiration! Pinterest is our close friend around here.

The choice is yours

There are so many options out there for mosaic tile – guaranteed there will be the shape, size and finish to get the job done. When picking what’s right for your design, think about:

  1. Colour. What colours are present in the room that you want to emphasize or connect with? Sometimes a subtle hint of this in your mosaic is all it takes to make it fit in seamlessly
  2. Shape and size. How intricate is your pattern, and what shapes do you need to create? If straight lines and diagonals suit your pattern, a 1” or 2” square might do the trick. If you need to get really intricate, consider penny rounds or hexagons.
  3. Finish. Where is the mosaic being installed? If it’s in an entryway, non-slip matte finishes will be your friend. A backsplash in the kitchen or shower? Glossy will make your design shine.

Getting the right tools for the job

These designs can be a bit more complicated to develop and install than traditional tile, but don’t let that sway you. We’re here to help! Our design consultants can help you all the way from inspiration to concept, and our installers can take it from there. Prefer to tinker on your own? Daltile’s Mosaic Design Tool can help you visualize your design.

Photo op time!

The feeling of completion with an intricate mosaic can only be equalled by the impression it makes as a unique showstopper in your home or business. If you end up being the talk of the town after installing mosaic tile in your home or business, don’t say we didn’t warn you. And, of course, you can find everything you need for your project at LFG. We’ll be happy to help you select (and install!) the right tiling for your specific needs. Enjoy creating!

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