Nice to meet you. We’re Marcos and Nicole.

Luxury is comfort and extravagant living – not a price tag. Our Local Luxury Vinyl Plank is designed specifically for Saskatchewan climates. Zero fillers and 100% virgin vinyl mean no shrinkage or growth in humidity, heat or cold.


We founded Local Flooring Group
with a goal:

Quality flooring, locally designed and accessible to every budget.

After years in the industry, Marcos wanted to do flooring differently by putting customers, quality and innovation at the heart of the business. A late-night conversation with Nicole led to a big bet, a small loan and a plan: breathe life into local flooring.

Since then, customers have found their way to Local Flooring Group because of our reputation for the wow-factor: beautiful floors, exclusive designs, and affordable price with no- hassle service.

With our growing reputation came industry disruption. Our early success upset local flooring retailers who pressured large suppliers to shut us out. At the same time, we were frustrated with the market of poor flooring products and limited protection for homeowners.



Our Local Luxury Vinyl Plank

We heard stories of popular vinyl plank brands shrinking and growing in Saskatchewan homes. We discovered flooring full of fillers that couldn’t stand up to heat, cold and humidity.

We needed a product designed in Saskatchewan for life in Saskatchewan, and our Local Luxury Vinyl Plank was born. No fillers, 100% virgin vinyl and an industry leading warranty put our values to work under your feet.


Home renovations don’t have a reputation for bringing people together – but we’re challenging that myth here at Local Flooring Group. Founded by a husband and wife team, we understand the stress, uncertainty and time investment that comes with making your house a home.


Marcos Guerequeta

“We know you have overwhelming flooring choices – we’ve been in your shoes. Local Flooring Group is a new kind of full-service company, working together to simplify the process, save you money and deliver beautiful floors – all while leaving money in the bank.”


Nicole Guerequeta

“How you live on your floors is your business. Matching what’s under your feet to your lifestyle is ours. Our exclusive colours and patterns are designed in Saskatchewan, and with over 200,000 sq. ft of vinyl plank in stock every day, as well as tile, laminate, carpet and hardwood, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.”

Local Flooring 2020

We’re in it for you

There is an overwhelming number of flooring choices out there. We’re on a mission to simplify flooring, save you money and deliver clean, quality products built for life in Saskatchewan. No pushy salespeople needed.

Taking the lead

From day one, we’ve made choices that our customers could be proud of. We create our products and decide how they are made. Our Local Luxury Vinyl Plank is designed in Saskatchewan, phthalate-free, low VOC and certified ‘green’.

Why choose Local?

A friendly, knowledgeable team means new flooring with no stress.

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