Don’t do it alone! 3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Planning Your Renovation Early

The weather is cooling off in #saskatchewan but things are heating up in the flooring world. Fall is our busiest season of the year.

You’re not alone if you’re looking ahead to winter and realizing you’re about to spend a lot more time indoors. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of installing luxury vinyl plank because it’s strong enough for our Saskatchewan winters, or you’ve got a kitchen update in need of the perfect tile backsplash. Either way, it’s not too early to start planning that renovation now. We’re here to help.

We get it, it’s hard to plan ahead.  You’ve got a lot going on. Maybe you’ve put together that Pinterest board, and now it’s time to work with a professional so you can avoid any surprises. Here are 3 reasons you need to start planning your renovations early:

  • Reduce Your Stress

We’ve all heard those renovation nightmares: “The project cost 2x as much as we thought!” or “I didn’t expect it to take that long”.  When you plan ahead (and partner with our team at Local Flooring Group) you can rest assured that your dream project won’t become a nightmare. 

Here at Local Flooring Group, we pride ourselves on making your client experience EASY. We start with a needs analysis, put together mood boards, source product for you, and make sure the products fit your lifestyle. 

Do you have 3 kids and 2 dogs? You’ll need a robust flooring solution like luxury vinyl plank or water-resistant laminate that can keep up with your home.

Are you hoping to resell your home? You need a flooring and tile solution that will please future buyers.

Do you want to DIY your tile? Then maybe don’t choose Cloud Nine because that should  be installed by a professional. 

We keep your specific needs in mind and help make choices that suit your vision and needs.

When installing flooring or tile, there are a lot of decisions to make and steps that need to happen in a specific order. Together we make a plan and make those decisions easy so the entire project is a dream come true.

  •  Save  Money

By planning ahead, you combat the rising costs of materials that we are seeing everywhere. We can help you choose the right products at the right time to ensure your project stays within budget.

Just like any renovation project, there can be surprises you didn’t anticipate. For example, it’s very common for folks to discover their new flooring is not the same height as their previous flooring and now they need lower new baseboards and fresh paint or to install a subflooring. We take all of this into account when we’re looking at your flooring.

At Local Flooring Group, we can help you prepare for those costs now so you’re not surprised later. Our quotes are very transparent and easy to interpret, 

“Excellent service! Not only did they find us exactly what we were looking for, the price was exceptional. Delivered right to my house along with adhesive during this pandemic. Local Flooring Group should be your first and only stop when looking for flooring. Give them a call or send them a message!” – Tracy Leonhardt

    • We help you stay on schedule

    There continue to be supply chain issues around the world. By planning ahead and working with Local Flooring Group, we can source products that are available for your timelines. 

    Along with supply chain issues, you’ll want trusted contractors for installation to ensure everything happens quickly and easily. Flooring is so inconvenient to reinstall if you have to do it more than once.

    Hoping to host family when you’re doing your renovation? We can tell you know how disruptive your project will be and how long it will take. We have trusted professionals we can recommend who will get your project done safely and on time. 

    “Purchased flooring a few months ago, it is absolutely beautiful. At the time I had many questions and Marcos answered them all, always got back to me quickly. Would definitely purchase flooring from here again!” – Patty Canning

    Don’t take on your next renovation project alone. We’re here to help you make the process easier, less expensive, and to stay on schedule. 

    If you’re ready to start planning your next renovation today, visit our showroom or call 306.986.6237

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