5 Tips for Home Renovations during COVID

We’re all spending more time at home during the COVID-19 crisis, as we make the choice to self-isolate, protect those we love and flatten the curve.


Many of our clients at Local Flooring Group have had the chance to hit the pause button, take a look around and assess how they want to feel and live in their home. After weeks of cooking every meal in our kitchens, some have realized it’s time for an update – new tile backsplash or updated flooring. Some have been inspired to change the mood in their living spaces: adding more calm to their home-study using rustic vinyl plank flooring or brightening their bathroom with blue subway tiles.


Take a look around! What could use a style or functional update in your living space? Now is the perfect time for simple updates, like a fresh tile backsplash, accent wall or new luxury vinyl plank flooring. Choose projects that won’t need permit approval or professional assistance, but can be completed with some local guidance and elbow grease.


So, what’s next? Where do you start? We’ve compiled a few tips to navigate your COVID-19 renovation project in Saskatoon.


  1. Start Dreaming First

Start looking for inspiration online! Consider what draws your attention and why. What colours and designs do you keep going back to? What mood would you like to match for your space?


Check out the Local Flooring Groups Instagram and Facebook for examples of design mood boards, completed renovations and new and featured patterns and textures. Check out the Local Flooring product page  to view our in-stock tile and vinyl plank pricing that can transform your home in style and on-budget.


  1. Get a Hands-on Look at Samples

You’ll want to see how a product looks in your home. Discover the look and feel of the tile or luxury vinyl flooring you’re eyeing for your living space by requesting samples. Run your fingers over your flooring samples to see how they feel. Place flooring or tile samples near a window in the room that you want to redecorate and observe them as the daylight changes. 


Local Flooring Group is delivering samples and product completely contactless, for free to your doorstep. Get in touch if there is a product you would like to see and feel, and check out our current stock. Find more tips to get the most out of your flooring samples here.


  1. Get Advice

We live in an age where personalized help is just a call away – and technology is more accessible than ever. Your friends and family might be willing to offer their advice through video chat, and our design team at Local Flooring Group is ready with professional help! Give us a call or send us an email to book an online consultation about your project.


  1. Ask for what you want

Having trouble tracking down a product? Need help creating a look that you love? We can help you find what you need!  Our team at Local Flooring Group is more than happy to help search for and suggest products for you with our local and international suppliers.


Send us the description, a photo, or provide links to inspirational photos of the tiles or luxury vinyl plank you want, along with your contact information. We’ll conduct the search and get back to you with any options that we’re able to find within 2 business days.


  1. Avoid the post-pandemic rush

Many are predicting a construction boom when we reach the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic. Construction and home supply stores are essential services in Saskatchewan, open and available to help you access what you need to get your project started.


At Local Flooring Group, we’ve shifted our sales to online and our website is fully updated with our products, specs and prices. We’re providing virtual consultation, contactless delivery of samples and products. Start planning now and you can also benefit from interest rates that are the most competitive that they have been for years.


Start dreaming up your home improvement project now. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook  for more design inspiration and get in touch to get started.


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