Make the Most of Your Flooring Samples

At Local Flooring Group, we have a wide range of products to meet your needs, including exclusive colours and patterns inspired by the beauty of Saskatchewan. As you start your renovation project, the choices, colours and textures of tile and flooring can feel overwhelming, but we are here to help!


During COVID-19, Local Flooring Group is offering virtual consultation and delivering free product samples right to your door in Saskatoon. Contact us to request your free sample and view our products page for available items.


Just like searching for that perfect paint colour, flooring and tile samples are an essential tool to find the best fit for your fashion, lifestyle and budget. When you can observe a sample where it will live in your home, you’ll have a better opportunity to make a perfect match for your interior!


We’ve compiled a few simple tips below to help you make the most of your Local Flooring samples.


Observe the changing light

Place your samples in the room you’d like to redecorate and observe how changing daylight affects its look. Remember, sunshine isn’t the only light that can impact the look of your floors. The type of lighting in your room plays an important role, so be sure to experiment with different light sources in your room. Observe how the light reflects off your samples, exposing the texture or perfect smoothness of its surface.


Use your hands and feet

Requesting a flooring sample is a great way to experience the feel and texture of your desired product. Lay your samples down and intentionally stand on them while you wash your dishes,  brush your teeth or get dressed in the morning, depending on your room. Though this doesn’t replicate the experience  of walking on your new floor, this can give you a sense of its feel.


Match you décor

Place your samples in a corner of the room, hold your samples up to your furniture and lean them up against your walls. Take a look at them from several angles and distances. Each flooring sample will have its own undertones, meaning that even against neutral tones, some will match better than others. If you’re thinking of repainting your walls, you can bring your flooring samples with you to the paint store too!


Try two at a time

Multiple samples can sometimes feel overwhelming. Try to look at just two samples at a time, next to each other in the space you’d like to renovate. Before you add another sample, pick one sample to pull away. This can keep the process from getting overwhelming as you narrow down your favourites.


Test durability

Local Flooring products are made for life in Saskatchewan – to stand up to pets, spills, kids and heels! That being said, don’t be afraid to be rough with your samples. Treat your sample as you would treat your actual floor. We’re confident about the quality of our products and after a chance to look and feel up-close, we know you will be too.


Let the samples sit

Leave your flooring or tile sample in its desired living space for a few days. If you spend more than 10 minutes questioning your choice each day, that could be your design sense telling you it’s the wrong one. A good match won’t leave you questioning after your decision is made!


Get in touch with us to request your tile or luxury vinyl samples, and check out our Product Page for inspiration.


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