Wood + Tile? It’s a Match!

Unique patterns and colours have become a hallmark of today’s ceramic tiles. Throughout Saskatchewan homes, tile is transforming ordinary surfaces to become the highlight of a room!

From floors to tabletops, backsplashes, showers, bath surrounds and stair risers, tile has become a favourite with both customers and staff at Local Flooring Group.

We can’t help but want to match our wood-patterned luxury vinyl plank and ceramic tiles. The unique sizes, shapes and colours of tile, combined with the richness of wood texture creates unique, vibrant and interesting personalities for any room. 

If you’ve got ideas and a little inspiration, or you’re not sure where to start, visit with our design specialists at Local Flooring Group for a free consultation. 

We’ve compiled a few tips to help you match your choice of tile, with wood texture and colour. Don’t forget to look below for a sneak peek at how we’ve set mood with warm woods and grey tile – one of our favourite combinations! 

Look for Common Undertones. 

Wood and tile can vary in pattern and colour from light to dark, yet still share a similar undertone, such as cool grey or light blonde. As you investigate your choices of wood-patterned luxury vinyl plank and tile, pay attention to whether the dominant tones are on the warmer or cooler side, and try to stay in the same family for a coherent match.

Go for High Contrast. If you don’t plan to match – go big for contrast! It may feel counterintuitive at times, but when mixing tones, contrast can be your friend. Light grey washed tile can still complement a dark walnut vinyl plank and add visual interest and depth to your design. If you are concerned about too many wood tones or tiles in your space, you can still create continuity with similar wood grains or finishes. For example, stay with mostly matte or eggshell finishes, or use woods with a subtle grain finish. This helps to balance the room, provide cohesion and will remain visually appealing, while still providing contrast.

Try repeating your accent wood or tile. Repetition can be a great tool to bring cohesion to a space, but it’s important to know when to stop. Resist the urge to add too many shades of wood or tile to your space. The right mix can create interest and also maintain balance. First, identify your main shade, which is usually used on your floor. Utilize this shade or undertone in about 80% of your design, then adding about 20% of your accent shade.

Our last advice is pay attention to your light. Take note of the light patterns in your space before you choose your tile and wood textures. Where does light fall into darker spaces? You can utilize these light patterns strategically to place your lighter wood and tile and brighten these dark spots to light up your room.  

Set the Mood with Warm Wood and Grey Tile

Check out some of our recent combinations of wood and grey tile below, and visit our showroom for even more inspiration for your space! 

Such a light and dreamy kitchen design featuring our Chex tile.

You can never go wrong with warm wood finishes and greys.

You can’t beat the classic mix of black & white mixed with a natural wood for some New York vibes.

Let’s get started!

Get in touch or visit our flooring and tile showroom in Saskatoon to get started on your design. 

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