Which Way is Which? What Direction to Install your Floors!

Floors are the literal foundation of our rooms and décor, and an important consideration for the tone, form and functionality of any living space. If you’ve spent time in our Local Flooring showroom, then you’ve found that just-right shade, that spot-on texture and the perfect match for your style, budget and lifestyle (that is our job after-all).


Now that you have the perfect pattern to bring your room to life, which direction should you install your Local Luxury Vinyl Plank? Does it even matter?


Convention is to run flooring the direction of your longest wall, but there isn’t one right way to install your luxury vinyl plank (LVP)! The direction can make a difference to the feel of your room, and there are a few considerations that can go a long way for cultivating the feel good vibes you (and us) are hoping for.


Consider these 3 simple tips when choosing your flooring direction:  


  1.     Follow the line of your most used entrance.

Laying your luxury vinyl plank from your main entrance outwards will generally make your room feel bigger or longer.


  1.     Focus on an architectural detail that you’d like to highlight in the room.

Lay your flooring in the direction of an architectural feature, such as a fireplace, if you would like to accentuate this detail and create a focal point for the room.


  1.     Consider which direction is easiest to install

This might sound like we’re abandoning all aesthetic here, but this is an important consideration when installing Local Luxury Vinyl Plank yourself. If your room has multiple windows and floors and you aren’t looking to achieve an optical effect (see below), simply consider the direction that is easiest to install – at least as a starting point!


Did we say optical effect? Yes, we did! Choosing horizontal width, vertically long or even diagonal installation can create spatial effects in your rooms, too. Whether you want to widen a room, add depth or unify a multi-room space, your flooring direction can make a big impression. 


So, just how does floor direction affect a room?


Horizontal (width-ways)

Installing flooring width ways is a perfect solution to widen a narrow room. Horizontal floorboards can make your floor appear wider in the direction of installation. Bonus tip: avoid dark floors or walls if you want to expand your room, as these can make a room feel smaller. Avoid that boxed-in feeling (unless you’re going for a cozy feel).


Vertical (length-ways)

Installing in the direction of your longest walls will create depth in your room. Want to enhance this effect? Try lighter floors and darker walls.



Installing diagonal floor planks is a bold move for opening up a small room. This technique can even help connect a wall of one room to another, creating a unifying look in multi-room spaces.


In the end, the best direction is the one that fits your personal aesthetic and preference. If spatial effects got you feeling overwhelmed, forget about direction and check out Local Flooring’s selection of square tiles, or create even more interest with a herringbone or weave pattern (ask us how). 


Give us a call or visit us at our showroom in Saskatoon to see and feel your perfect flooring match, and explore the possibilities for your space. We’ll help you get the most out of your floors!



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