Thinking Beyond Hardwood? Which Rooms are Best for Luxury Vinyl Plank?

Full disclosure, folks: this was a trick question. What makes luxury vinyl plank (LVP) so desirable is its versatility – meaning vinyl flooring looks good, feels right and functions well in ANY room. Gone are the days of sacrificing form, function or affordability for your perfect floor. 


Local Luxury Vinyl Plank means you can have it all – the décor you crave, built for the life you lead, at a price you want. 


Of course, every room has its own challenges. From steamy bathrooms, to busy kitchens, trafficked hallways and dirty entryways, some rooms need special consideration and care. But, if you’ve ever dropped a can of tomatoes on a kitchen floor or a splash of bleach in the laundry room, you know the limitations of wood under foot. It’s not always the lasting impression we’re hoping for


So, just what makes Local Luxury Vinyl Plank a match for every room?


  • Moisture-resistance. Local LVP protects from water and humidity absorption, which means floors won’t swell, warp, or mold.
  • Stain-resistance. Don’t sweat everyday spills and splatters – we can even make sure permanent marker will lift off your floors.
  • Impact-resistance. Local LVP keeps pace with a busy household and provides exceptional durability for high traffic areas.
  • Easy cleaning. Stop wasting extra time and money cleaning your floors. Take that time and go out, get dirty and explore what Saskatchewan has to offer!
  • Affordability. Local LVP can keep you within budget, coming in at 2-3x less than the cost of hardwood.
  • Attractiveness and Exclusive Patterns. With luxurious looks of wood, stone and tile, our exclusive patterns and shades can fit every style and fashion. 

But, we get it – you love the look and feel of wood floors. Of course you do! What’s not to love? 


We love the look and feel of wood, too.


That’s why Local Flooring invested in the highest quality production for Local Luxury Vinyl Plank. The advance of flooring technology means that our Grey Barnwood  is a dead-ringer for weathered barnyard wood and Local customers tell us regularly that their guests mistake their floors for real Cedar Wood  or Red Oak. Local LVP even eliminates pattern repetition and features texture for a double dose of realism (say hello to that hardwood feeling, at a third of the cost and double the durability).


Don’t just take our word for it, let us prove it to you! Our showroom  has over 20,000 sq. feet of Local Luxury Vinyl Plank in stock every day. Come feel, look, touch and imagine the transformation of your living space with the guidance of our flooring specialists. Contact us  to learn more.

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