Geometric Tiles: A Style Star for SK Homes

Geometric tile designs are nothing new, but they aren’t old news either! In fact, the newest shapes, patterns and colours of modern tiles make them one of our favourite interior design elements, and we are (more than a little) excited to be featuring our newest line of tiles in our Saskatoon showroom right now.


Whether you want to create stunning floors, textured walls, an eye-grabbing black-splash or bold accents, our newest porcelain tile line has the versatility, toughness and elegance for any Saskatchewan home and style. 


Geometric tiles quickly add character, depth and aesthetic impact to living spaces and as tile design continues to evolve, there is more opportunity for personal self-expression, creativity and imagination!


There are countless ways to create your perfect space using our newest tile line at Local Flooring. Below, we highlight our three favourite approaches to integrate tile into your design.


Whether you’re looking for a mid-century modern vibe, some subtle Morroccan-inspired accents or something totally unique to you, our Local Flooring team can help make your vision come to life! 


Grab the Spotlight

If you want an eye-catching focal point in your room, tile could be your match. Whether on the floor, as a large-scale kitchen backsplash or as a statement wall, tile can stand out and create an unforgettable interior. Dial up the daring by accentuating the shapes of tile patterns using bold colors – a modern concept that quickly makes your tile a centre of attention. If you’re ready to go big with custom tile design, that’s music to our Local Flooring team’s ears – and we can help. 


Accent Your Unique Space

There is no doubt about it – geometric tiles are bold, but don’t let that intimidate you. Even a small statement adds personality, colour and dimension to the feel of your space. Utilizing tile accent pieces can create a charming signature style that won’t overpower the features of your room. A subtle, stylish combination of simple form and bright colour easily translates to elegance and adds a glamorous element to your décor.


Make Your Masterpiece

Geometric tiles are a perfect (and still functional) decor medium to get your creativity flowing and demonstrate your savvy design skills. Mixing tile shapes or colours through sophisticated and simple techniques will truly customize your living space. Whether you envision a specific pattern or want to get expressive with unique color placement, our team at Local Flooring will help you make it happen! 


What’s the next step?


Get in touch or visit our flooring and tile showroom in Saskatoon for more inspiration, and to learn more about how we can tie your room together with tile! 


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