The Benefits of Buying Local

The benefits of buying local are nothing new. We know that buying local is better for the environment, better for our local economy and better for our community!

Are there benefits of buying your flooring locally, too?

You bet! Like most things, buying local flooring is better for our planet and keeps currency in our local community, helping local businesses thrive and strengthen our economy.

There are many benefits for flooring customers directly when they buy local too. We’ve worked with hundreds of customers who’ve shared their experiences working with Local Flooring Group and time and time again, it’s the local touch that puts the experience over the top.

We’ve compiled the top 4 benefits for customers when they buy their flooring locally in Saskatchewan.

Flooring Made for Life in Saskatchewan

Working with local flooring companies or contractors means that you get local expertise and product knowledge that fits with our local climate. In Saskatchewan, flooring has to stand up to humidity, heat
or cold, and still give the WOW factor. On top of that, everyone leads a unique lifestyle, which means unique demands for your floors too. At Local Flooring Group, we match your floors to your lifestyle and ensure they never succumb to shrinkage or growth in Saskatchewan’s climate.

Personalized Design Consultation

Staff at local flooring companies come with passion and a keen interest for an evolving industry! At Local Flooring Group, our design specialists are ready to help you make the right choice for your space, with considerations for traffic, durability, safety and aesthetics. Picking out your own tile or luxury vinyl plank demands time and due diligence to research these considerations. At Local Flooring Group, our showroom is designed to match your space with its perfect floor.

Better Selection at Better Prices

Local companies will usually offer far more selection than national counterparts. Large chains bet on volume, and don’t often carry a wide range of products. At Local Flooring Group, we have over 60,000
sq. ft. luxury vinyl plank and tile in stock at our showroom  at all times. A wider selection of higher-grade products means there is something to match every vision and budget.

Ask Questions and Get Help

Being part of the community as a local business, means our commitment doesn’t stop when the job is done. Local businesses can provide customers with a level of responsiveness and availability not found
elsewhere. As a family-owned business, we recognize that our customers are our neighbours, our friends and our community. We care about the work we do far after we’ve finished the job!
You can benefit from Local Flooring, too!

Get in touch or visit our flooring and tile showroom in Saskatoon for more inspiration. Let’s bring your vision to life!

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