How to Choose the Right Flooring Company

Our home is our castle. It’s our refuge and the centre of where our lives happen, from the time we step out of bed to the time we crawl back in – and all the hustle in between!


Can you relate?


When we renovate or decorate our home, we care and it shows. That means we want the people that make and install the products for our home to care too. 


When Local Flooring Group began, we wanted to be the kind of flooring company that we’d want to work with, and that we’d want our family, friends and neighbours to work with too.


Not all things are created equal, so what is really most important when choosing the right flooring company? 


  • Experience & expertise. A no-brainer, right? Make sure your flooring company has experience in your local climate and has the local expertise to get the work done well.


  • A desire to match your style, functionality and budget. Go beyond just experience – is your company truly invested in your unique needs, lifestyle and home fashion? Bonus points for exclusive patterns and colours.


  • Positive customer reviews. Look who’s talking! Make sure your company is getting a few high fives in their online reviews.


  • WOW factor. You deserve the warm fuzzies when you look out on your new floors. Does a company’s project page spark some interior design envy? Then you’re in the right place.


Do we sound like a match? Our reputation for the wow-factor – beautiful floors, exclusive designs, and affordable price with no-hassle service –  has made Local Flooring Group the go-to company for on-trend flooring to match your design style and budget in Saskatoon.


What can we do for you? Visit our showroom or get in touch to learn more about how we can work together to get your project moving!

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