5 Tips to Protect Your Floors from the Holiday Hustle

The holiday hustle is here – full homes, family gatherings and parties with friends. We love it
when our home becomes the hub of the holiday season! We also make sure our floors are
prepared for the increased traffic and pace – all at the snowiest, wettest and muddiest time of
year in Saskatchewan.


First up – if you’ve invested in Local Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) for your floors, give yo’self a big
high five! These floors were made to take a holiday licking. Local LVP is tough – kid-proof, pet-
proof and holiday heels proof (go ahead and strap on the stilettos, friends).


Though these floors were made for walking (and running, jumping, sliding, spilling),
there are simple things you can do to protect your floors during this busy season. These
quick tips can protect your vinyl plank, laminate and hardwood alike!


Sweep it up.


Dirt and debris are the uninvited guests of the holiday season, sure to be tracked inside with an
influx of activity. Make sure to sweep your floors regularly to remove dirt, sand, and other
particles, as debris can scratch floors or embed into your carpet fibres.


Protect your high traffic areas.


Use natural weave door mats or rugs to protect the highest trafficked areas through your home.
A great excuse to bring out some festive and functional décor! Avoid rugs with a latex or rubber
backing, as these can damage some flooring.


Use felt pads under furniture.


Use furniture pads under your chair legs to prevent scratching and scuffing on your floors.
They’re an inexpensive quick fix that you can find in just about every department store.
Guilt-free musical chairs, anyone?


Don’t have Local Luxury Vinyl Plank on your floors? Try these additional tips to protect
more delicate flooring.


Clip Fido’s nails.


Holidays can bring out the excitement (and stress) in our furry loved ones. Make sure to give
your best friend a quick manicure to ensure their nails aren’t making permanent memories on
your floors!


Protect the Christmas tree.


Water is no friend of floors, but without it, your Christmas tree will get pretty thirsty (and crisp).
Ensure that you have a water barrier in place between your floor and your tree. Towels can trap moisture, so avoid that quick fix and use a Christmas tree stand mat or plastic drain tray.
Another win for LVP? Local Luxury Vinyl Plank is waterproof and won’t be easily damaged by
exposure to moisture (another high five for Local customers). Don’t get too sloppy around the
Christmas tree, but don’t sweat a few messy cheers spilling on the floor this holiday either.


If you’re looking for more tips to protect your flooring investment, visit our showroom in Saskatoon or get in touch with the Local Flooring team here.

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