Why Your Flooring Fails in Saskatchewan

You’ve probably heard the joke – ‘come to Saskatchewan and experience all four seasons in one day’. If you live in Saskatchewan, you’ve felt it too.

We’re all collectively nodding in agreement, aren’t we? 

Weather in Saskatchewan can be variable, extreme and at times, totally unpredictable. While we dress in layers and lament with friends, our floors are doing some real dirty work on our behalf. 

Floors take it (and sometimes show it) all. At Local Flooring Group, we’ve seen humidity, heat and cold cause growing and shrinking of even popular vinyl plank brands. That wear and tear decreases the life of flooring and leads to warping, cracking or complete failure. 

Those experiences inspired us to create Local Luxury Vinyl Plank, flooring made specifically for life on the prairies. 

How does our Local Luxury Vinyl Plank (also known as LVP) set itself apart and protect your flooring investment?

  • No fillers. We use 100% Virgin Vinyl, meaning Local Luxury Vinyl Plank will never shrink or grow in Saskatchewan weather.

  • Industry-leading Warranty. Don’t just take our word for it. Our industry-leading warranty let’s you stop worrying and get on with living your best (and messy) life on your floors. 

  • Luxury without a price tag. Selling direct to consumers means we cut out the middleman and pass on the savings, while producing high quality products to perfectly match your interior design.

And we didn’t stop there! Local Luxury Vinyl Plank has exclusive patterns and colours  to match every fashion, inspired by the beauty of our province (even if living here means being at the mercy of some unpredictable weather).

If you’re looking for affordable luxury and resilience for your floors then Local Luxury Vinyl Plank might be your match.

Get in touch  with our knowledgeable team to learn more and visit our Showroom in Saskatoon.

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